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Ukes, filler

Ukes, filler


Fallen Angel's love

A cute BL story No smex for awhile sorry! :D Hiro and Taisuke have known each other for many years, they have been friends for as long as they can remember. However, Hiro is a demon who is fated to be locked up for all his life and Taisuke is an angel who's a bit of a play boy. What will happen when Hiro begins to long for freedom so much he would do anything to obtain it? When Taisuke realizes that his feelings for Hiro are a bit more than friendship will he run away or embrace those feelings? When heaven and hell clash how could such a love be accepted? Sounds cliche but I promise it will be a enjoyable read XD



Sorry guys! XD
This story is going to be on hiatus for a month so I can figure some stuff out about the story as I have just realized how awful it is ;_;
But don't worry, after some good planning I'll be back after about 4 weeks!! >w<

Posted by Crimson Chains @ July 15th, 2012, 12:58 pm
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UPdate schedule!! >_>;

Geh...well I dunno if people actually read these news post things...but anyway this update schedule is long overdue so here it goes!! >_<;;
Basically monday-friday the Original( meaning the story I drew three years ago) Fallen will update twice a day.
On the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, The current Fallen( The one started in 2011) will update three times a day.
I know it will be confusing and that this isn't the best method of getting the pages out but, it's the way I'm going to use ._.;
This schedule will only be in effect until the original pages run out (though that could take awhile because there are about 100 pages), once I run out of pages I will make another announcement.
Thank you so much for dealing with this strange schedule!! @_@

Posted by Crimson Chains @ June 20th, 2012, 12:46 pm
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